Editorial Policy

Blog Objective

The objective of MobileHomeFriend.com is to offer information about mobile and manufactured homes that is pertinent and valuable. The focus is to help those interested in learning more about all facets of mobile and manufactured homes, including:

  • Owning
  • Repairing
  • Renovating
  • Buying
  • Selling
  • Investing

The blog articles are to offer helpful information regarding the above list of topics regarding manufactured housing. This might include helpful links to products or other materials that we deem helpful to those looking at being involved in the manufactured housing community.

Blog Content and Review

All potential blog content subject will be looked at carefully to determine the benefit to the intended readership audience. Only content deemed to be of helpful service will be considered.

All blog articles will be written to be as helpful and direct as possible to the intended audience. Care will be taken to enable each article to be concise in the content and presentation of the information. Included will be helpful experiences we’ve dealing with all facets of manufactured housing that we believe will benefit our intended audience.

Intended Audience

The intended audience of MobileHomeFriend.com will be those interested in learning as much as they can regarding the list of topics found in the section on the “Blog Objective”. Among others, this audience will include owners of manufactured housing, as well has contractors, handymen, investors and others who have interest in the manufactured housing culture.

Article Approval and Suggestions

Prior to any article being written or posted, we research the audience interest in the topic to make sure there is enough interest. We do this by looking at keyword and longtail searches on the internet for the intended article. If any reader has a suggestion for a topic they would find helpful, please submit in the comments section for each blogpost. Each comment will be looked at by our editorial staff.

Linking Policy

As an article is written, many subjects may be touched upon lightly where other articles we have posted may go into the subject in more detail. All attempts will be made to link to those articles for additional information.

Also, links will be provided to outside sources that may be quoted and used in writing an article. Links to products and others material mentioned in an article may be linked for the ease and benefit of the audience.

Re-Posting Policy

All blogs content is owned by Mobile Home Friend, LLC, and may only be reposted with the express written permission of the company.

Mobile Home Friend, LLC may repost or link some articles to other sites dealing with threads on manufactured housing, such as Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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