The Process Of Buying A New Manufactured Home – Part 1 – Introduction

New Manufactured Home

As real estate professionals for almost 20 years, we have seen the market for all types of properties go through various transitions since the turn of the century. In the Phoenix metro area, there is a lack of good affordable homes for sale. Good manufactured homes help fill that need.

About 15 years ago, we started to dabble with manufactured homes. The work has consisted mostly of buying and flipping manufactured homes that are either in parks, or on their own piece of land, and it has proved to be very profitable.

About 5 years ago, we bought an old mobile home that we thought we would renovate and use for a rental dwelling. It was an old 1968 12′ x 60′ unit with a huge roof-over. As we started to get into the renovation of the home, we decided that the home was too far gone for the remodel, so the decision was made to remove it from the lot. It just wasn’t worth saving, and we should have recognized that before purchasing.

Removing the home was quite a debacle, as the roof over had to be cut down first. After removing the old home, we decided to replace it with a brand new Clayton manufactured home. At the time, we thought, how hard can this be? Well, we were surprised at how complicated and time consuming the process became.

We decided this year to do two new manufactured homes at the same time. Thinking that the information that we learn as we go through this process again would be beneficial for our readers. We are going to make this blog post a series of posts. It would simply be information overload if we tried to write the entire process into one post. Broken down, bit by bit, we can provide a much better experience for you if you’ve been thinking about buying and installing a new manufactured home.

Whether you just want to replace your old mobile home, your’e looking at putting a new one into a park, or you want to put a new one on some land, this series of posts should be very helpful.

In our case, we are doing this for profit! That may be your goal as well. We hope that you’ll find this series helpful and informative.

Chuck O'Dell

Chuck has been renovating and flipping properties since 2003. At this point he has over 100 properties under his belt. Chuck says that rehabbing homes is the most fun part of his real estate career. He helps clients get their homes ready to sale, helps his buyers with after-purchase remodeling; often very substantial renovations including full kitchens and bathrooms. Chuck started investing in, buying, renovating, selling, and flipping manufactured homes both in parks and on their own fee-simple lots. He says that one of the most satisfying part of renovating the mobile homes is creating beautiful, affordable housing that people are proud to own, and call home!

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